My name’s Jeremy. I am a half American, half Taiwanese writer with a big imagination.  This is my online portfolio, a collection of random creations that I’ve whipped up over the years.

I was born in the United States but now live in Hong Kong. I’ve written for a variety of organizations, including Hong Kong’s biggest English-language newspaper. I also write fiction on the side, and have dabbled in photography and multimedia production, including video shooting and editing.

Generally, I am interested in Asian culture, social media, entrepreneurship and all kinds of creative and artistic industries, including film, music and tech.

I also have a soft spot for comic books, video games and other assorted nerdy stuff. If you want to check out my blog on gaming, head on over to Pixel Grotto.

Feel free to read my writing samples, and if you like my work or have any questions (or job offers), click “Contact Me” to get in touch with me.